Thursday, March 21, 2013

7 Images from Highly Defective Presentations

Every entrepreneur needs to pitch the business.

When it comes to use of images in a presentation, sometimes less is more.

Last week, I saw one entrepreneur with an excellent business concept induce motion sickness in his audience by excessive use of animation in his on-screen presentation. Suffice to say this nauseated group of Angels did not open their checkbooks.

But it's not just unwarranted movement that can produce discomfort.

Sometimes the use of ubiquitous stock photos suggest a pitch that was put together in a hurry. It can subconsciously signal there is nothing "new" here. Worst yet, it can leave the audience cringing.

I ran across a list of 12 overused stock photos which had been put together by Marketing Profs. The list included what I call the  7 Images from Highly Defective Presentations.  I have ranked them for your discomfort. So get your barf bags ready as you approach number 1.

Number 7 - A customer poked this guy in the eye
Number 6:  Some of our customers were exposed to radiation

Number 5 - Our employees drink way too much coffee
Number 4 - We're not good at photo-shopping 

Number 3 - We use the exact same person as every one in America to answer our phones

Number 2 - Our team is diverse and easily distracted 

Number 1 -  We hope you know the secret handshake