Friday, March 22, 2013

America’s 10 Greatest Presentation Fails

Don’t let your business dreams be ruined by the Powerpoint slides that accompany your pitch.

I recently blogged about overused images in presentations which leave the audience cringing.

I also run across many situations where the entrepreneur would have been better off “going solo”… ie talking to the audience without visuals

Here’s my list:

America’s 10 Greatest Presentation Fails

10) The projector burns out…leaving the presenter frustrated and angry. Bring paper copies of your slides to be safe.
9) Animation induces nausea

Great presentation poorly received by a group of angels when the presenter used excessive animation.

8) Presentation in the cloud…can’t get online

Remember not every office/venue has wi-fi!

7) Mac slides reformat in Windows

Defense attorney Joe Lopez learned this one the hard way last September with his client Drew Peterson’s life on the line.

6) Politically incorrect images

The cartoon that had those Rotarians rolling on the floor, may elicit a completely different reaction at the American/Asian Roundtable. Know thy audience!

5) The Remote takes on a life of its own

…want to move from slide 1 to slide 2…but it goes sailing past… along with slide 3, 4 and 5. Now how do I get back from slide 6 to slide 2…panic!

4) Too many slides, too little time

…guaranteed to induce panic in the speaker.

3) Dark font on a dark background

…and its ugly sister the light font on a light background.

2) Who fired the proofreader?

…typos send a loud message…I’m highly unprofessional.

1) You probably can’t see this but…”

…too much crammed on one slide rendering it unreadable…a waste of everyone’s time!

As the ability to present your business effectively is critical to the success of all entrepreneurs, my next post will deal with how to reduce the risk of your perfect pitch being destroyed by a huge fail in your accompanying slides!