Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Center for Energizing Leadership's April Newsletter Published

Center for Energizing Leadership
Newsletter April, 2014 - In This Issue:
Are You A Full Metal Jacket Style Leader?
Does Speaking in Public Make You Tense?
What's The Buzz about Energy Cabinets?

Are You A Full Metal Jacket Style Leader?
Time to retire Gunnery Sergeant Hartman as the poster-child for leadership.

When you think about energizing leaders, you don't instinctively think about officers in the US Military. On the contrary, I usually flash back to images of Gunnery Sergeant Hartmanin Stanley Kubrik's Full Metal Jacket, for a stereotype involving a boot-camp sergeant inspiring his men through the use of hard-edged and somewhat Draconian tactics.
Therefore, it was somewhat of a surprise to find being empathetic listed as a key leadership trait included in the published memoir of retired four-star General Stanley A McChrystal.... a man best known for his disparaging remarks about Vice President Joe Biden. Read more in Energizing Leader .

Does Speaking in Public Make You Tense?

Chances are, speaking in public puts a knot in your stomach. In fact, public speaking beats out death when it comes to being America's number one fear according to the Wall Street Journal. But there is a cure!

Of course, it doesn't take being a key-note speaker in a huge auditorium to get the butterflies going. Did you know that millions of Americans become nervous even when they have to make a work presentation to a small group of people? This is surprisingly common and at one time or another affected many of the people we have come to think of as confident presenters. Even Warren Buffet admits to having been a nervous presenter before he took a class on how to speak in public. So don't worry. There is a cure, and you can find it at the Center's popular workshop on Effective Presentations. It works!

What's All the Buzz about Energy Cabinets?

Find out at a Complimentary Cheese & Wine evening

Learn all about the Center's acclaimed Energy Cabinet program by attending a complimentary Cheese & Wine evening on April 29 and on other dates in early May, Jonathan Copley the Center's Founder will give a mini-presentation titled, Secrets of the Energy Cabinet. Other members of faculty will also be present to meet our guests.

Each session is limited to no more than 8 guests...(tickets for the May 6 and May 8 sessions are Sold Out.)  

You can register for your free tickets at EVENTBRITE.
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