Thursday, February 5, 2015

Grim Reaper Outpaced by People Scared of Public Speaking

Does Speaking in Public Make You Tense?

Chances are, speaking in public puts a knot in your stomach. In fact, public speaking is the most common fear in the United States, with the fear of death ranked number 2, reported the Wall Street Journal. 

Of course it doesn't take being a key-note speaker in a huge auditorium to get the butterflies going. Did you know that millions of Americans become nervous even when they have to make a work presentation to a small group of people? This is surprisingly common and at time or other effected many of the people we have come to think of as confident presenters. Even Warren Buffet admits to having been a nervous presenter before he took a class on how to speak in public. So don't worry. There is a cure, and you can find it at the Center for Energizing Leadership's popular workshop on Effective Presentations. It works! Here's the curriculum for proven two-day workshop

Effective Presentations

This popular two day workshop has made a dramatic difference to the lives of business executives, 
start-up entrepreneurs, not-for profit fundraisers, politicians, and students. Their experience levels 
range from rookie, to occasional participants in Toastmasters, to regular presenters at work. 
Irrespective of past experience, participants leave the class energized and  more effective communicators.

Over two full days, this ideally-paced workshop addresses eight key elements of making effective presentations:

Fear of speaking - Uncover triggers; practical tips to address nerves; breathing; success stories.

Practice Routines - Rehearsal; rituals; know your audience; reconnaissance.

Voice - Including pitch, tempo and loudness.
Habits - Eliminating non-words; DOA lines; Fig-leafing; handling nervous energy.

Body - Hand gestures; feet; facial mannerisms and posture.

Audience - Interaction, hecklers, where to stand. 

Message - Headlines, takeaways, anecdotes, beginning, ending, calls to action. 

Tools -  Power-point, microphones, podiums.

We record some of your presentations to allow you to continue to study your form. 
You will leave the workshop with a DVD holding the only copy of the recording.

We run this popular workshop at the Center, several times a year.

Check here for the latest details and schedule.