Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bellevue, Washington; A Great Place to Live and Do Business

Bellevue has been recognized as a one of the safest cities in America, (in fact its number 3) according to a new CBS poll. And guess which city is number one?...Sunnyvale California, home of Silicon Valley. This provides more evidence that there is a direct correlation between the strength of a city's Information Age economy and i's quality of life.

Here's the full listing....

Bellevue Washington, voted number 3 safest place in America.
So it appears in business the Law of Location, Location Location applies to more than real estate. Presumably many of Bellevue's successful companies, including Microsoft, Expedia, Symetra, Paccar, Eddie Bauer and of course CFOCare  owe their success to their ability to attract talented people to its safe environment.  But which came first...the cart or the horse? As they ponder the answer to that age-old question,  Bellevue residents and businesses clearly have much to be grateful for, this Thanksgiving day, 2015,