Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Biz and Politics Mix Badly: Seattle Robbed of 2nd on List of Most Liberal

Forbes recently published its annual list of most liberal and conservative cities in the US  Any surprises? Well for one, DC is second most liberal beating out my hometown of Seattle. Who'd have thunk it...the Nation's Capital, the bastion of the Establishment would be the second most liberal in the Nation. In any case I thought DC was a District not a city! So Seattle demands a recount so we can occupy our traditional spot of second most liberal,  being very slightly to the right of the Nation's fruit and nut capital, which coincidentally is also on the Left Coast.

10. Baltimore, Maryland
9. Buffalo, New York
8. New York, New York
7. Detroit, Michigan
6. Minneapolis, Minnesota
5. Boston, Massachusetts
4. Oakland, California
3. Seattle, Washington
2. Washington D.C.
1. San Francisco, California

10. Aurora, Colorado
9. Tulsa, Oklahoma
8. Omaha, Nebraska
7. Anaheim, California
6. Arlington, Texas
5. Jacksonville, Florida
4. Colorado Springs, Colorado
3. Virginia Beach, Virginia
2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1. Mesa, Arizona

So what has all this got to do with being an entrepreneur, I hear you ask? Everything. First of all four of the top tech hubs appear on the Liberal Top 10. Second no major hubs appear on the Conservative Top 10. But which came first...liberalism or entrepreneurialism? Great question. Probably liberalism would be my gut reaction.

Why does this list matter? Because when you are going through the early stages of starting a business it's very important that investors see that you share their values. Although few investors will admit it, I believe at least at the subconscious level they are looking for clues that the entrepreneur is their "type" a person. And these days that transcends race, religion and gender, and goes to values. As one colleague recently told me, he'll never do business with anyone that supports the candidate with orange hair.

So if you are a hard-charging entrepreneur in Seattle who's looking forward to seeing a President Cruz, my advice would be to keep it very well under wraps or relocate to Aurora, Colorado. Despite Aurora's prestigious position on the Top 10 List of the Nation's most conservative cities, not only may you get funded, but you'll be able to enjoy weed legally, ..but then again maybe you should smoke it in private!