Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dragon Lady Provides Entrepreneurs with Teachable Moment

Self-Proclaimed First Dragon Lady

There is a timeless law of market positioning which says that being first in your chosen market is a source of competitive advantage. So what should you do if you're an entrepreneur who finds his or her market niche already crowded? REDEFINE your market niche.

Take, for example, this enterprising person, Richard Hernandez of Arizona.

Former Banker Richard Hernandez

The 55 year old transgender, former banker, found his path to celebrity blocked by a growing number of people such as the former Olympian, Bruce Jenner.  So what to do?  He had a reptilian metamorphosis and became number one in the category of DRAGON LADIES. 

You've certainly got to admire her commitment to celebrity. Aside from having her ears and nose removed, the woman had to endure tooth extraction, eye coloring, adding horns to her head, getting a forked tongue and getting a face full of tattoos.

So remember today's lesson in entrepreneurship.  BE FIRST in Your Market.  And if you're second, third or 100th, "simply" redefine your market until you can say you are the first.  And just for the record, I, Jonathan Copley, claim to be the first Business Coach to blog about Dragon Ladies.

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